Alberta Vasectomy

Gentle Touch, No Needle, No Scalpel

vasectomy  /vəˈsek.tə.mi/

the medical operation of cutting the tubes through which a man’s sperm move, in order to stop his partner getting pregnant

Minimally Invasive

We offer minimally invasive vasectomies in Alberta. Our office-based procedure gives you the freedom to have a vasectomy without the long waiting times associated with hospital-based vasectomies.  The procedure is quick and painless, and the short recovery time will get you back to doing what you love in no time. The vasectomy is done in a single office visit and we ask patients to submit a semen sample at their local lab for testing after the vasectomy to confirm sterility.

Dr. JB Lombaard and Dr. Philip Vogel offer the Gentle Touch Vasectomy, a vasectomy technique requiring neither a needle nor a scalpel.

No Needle

$ 300
  • No Scalpel
  • No Needle
  • Telephonic aftercare
  • Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

No Needle with Sedation

$ 400
  • No Scalpel
  • No Needle
  • Telephonic aftercare
  • Inhaled Sedation **
not available